Police buster Fake call center, 7 people arrested

May 09 2020 09:54 AM
Police buster Fake call center, 7 people arrested

Noida: A fake callcenter racket has been busted in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 7 accused have been arrested by Police Station Sector 39 Noida Police. Equipment and motorcycles running fake call centers have been seized from these accused. The gang of these people violated the rules of lockdown and cheated people through fake call centers and made illegal money.

Police Sector 39 Noida Police had received information that fake call center is being operated in C 213, Sector 105 Noida. When the police raided this information, 7 people met on the spot who were engaged in fraudulent activities with people by running fake call centers. The accused told the police during interrogation that they were operating a gang and their leader is Dhawal alias Devendra. The accused said that he used to run a fake call center and cheated people and cheated them. A case has been registered against all of them.

Police said that the accused arrested are Jugal Sethi, Nikhil Sethi, Taufiq Kazani, Himesh Bandekar, Edward Gomes, Saif Syed, Ganesh Omprakash Sharma. While the gang leader Dhawal alias Devendra is still absconding, the police is looking for him.

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