Nokia Smartphones Will Be Very Safe, Read Full Report

Jun 19 2019 03:16 PM
Nokia Smartphones Will Be Very Safe, Read Full Report

The pressure to improve the security of its users continues to haunt smartphone companies. In view of this, HMD Global, a Finnish smartphone maker from Nokia, has decided to shift its data centers to Finland. HMD Global believes that doing so will help improve the security of Nokia devices. However, the company denied the news, saying it would not share users' data with any third party. At the same time, the company admitted that the data being sent to China was only device activation data. Let us know the full details

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In this case, the company also said that this was not the first time that a device was sending activation data to another location. The company reported that device activation data from Nokia devices sold in China was sent to Singapore. However, in some batches of Nokia 7 Plus, China was pre-installed as a device activation client on Chinese servers, which could send users' data in the early stages.

For your information, the company is now shifting its servers from Singpur to Hamina, Finland. HMD Global has partnered with cloud and data science content firm CGI and Google Cloud to move and store the phone's activation data. Will be stored at the center. In addition, older Nokia devices that get an Android Q upgrade will also be moved to the new center.

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