No-Makeup Makeup Look for Men

Most men usually frown away from makeup due to the gender norms created by society, many wish to but don’t because of the fear of being judged, otherwise, some just haven’t yet come out of the stone age.

Applying makeup yet looking all-natural is an art in itself but mastering that art is no piece of cake. Here are some tips to be able to achieve that flawless look of yours: 

Step one is the most basic part, make sure your face is ‘clean’, start by hydrating your skin and it will automatically make you look neat and fresh. Apply a moisturizer, it will make your skin look even. 

The second step is to blemish those dark spots, with a skin-toned concealer. Apply it under the eye, but don’t do it all the away, remember, we need to look natural. 

The third step is to groom brows, using a clear brow gel, we don’t need perfectly shaped brows, so if you want to, use a brow pencil in the places with less hair. 

The next step is to get rid of those chapped lips and apply a lip balm, to make them look, shiny, glowy, and smooth. 

The last step is to use a setting powder, and lightly dust your face with a setting powder, it will make your face have a little bright complexion, remember to get one according to your skin tone. 

Remember to take care of your skin by removing the makeup properly at the end of the day. Drink water, keep yourself hydrated, and you’re not far away from your glowy skin. 

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