Non-usage of masks leads to do community service at Covid centres, Gujarat HC

The Gujarat High Court has directed the state government to formulate a policy and make it compulsory for those caught without wearing face masks to do community service at the Covid-care centres. The Court on Wednesday directed the state government to come out with a policy to send all those caught not wearing face masks for community service at any Covid care centre. 

The court in its order said, protocol violators would do at least four to five hours non-medical duty at any Covid-care centre for five to fifteen days, as decided by the authority depending on the criteria they set. The Protocol violators will have to do any of the work such as cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, helping, serving, preparation of the record, data-keeping, etc.

A fine as usual will be imposed. The service at the community centre is in addition to th efine. The nature of the duty assigned would be as per the age, qualification, gender, and status of violators. The Court instructed the government to submit a status report regarding compliance on December 24. The court’s directives were in response to Vishal Awtani’s plea.

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