Nora is upset over Israeli and Palestine war, shared post

Nora Fatehi, the dilbar girl of Bollywood, is now known for her dance. Nowadays Nora is very active on social media and keeps posting videos and pictures of herself. Now recently the actress has posted against the attacks in Palestine. You all must be aware that the battle between Israel and Palestine has once again begun. Videos of the fight are now going viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Nora has posted for the same on Instagram. You can see Nora wrote in one of her posts: 'NO ONE has the right to advocate LGBT, women's rights and racial equality and to choose among corrupt people whose human rights are more important than others'. Nora also shared a pamphlet that talks of protest against Israeli forces. In fact, this pamphlet is forcing palestinians to be thrown out of their own homes.

Nora wrote in his next post: "This is the time when Palestinians should stand together in solidarity, because in the midst of this month of Ramadan, where the epidemic is also on all over the world, israeli forces are attacking them, forcing them to leave their homes. How far is all this right? The army is attacking them which is not correct at all. It is inhuman". Through this post, Nora has asked all the top world leaders to help the Palestinians.

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