Kim Jong Un issued shoot-to-kill orders for those who violate COVID-19 rules

Seoul: North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is famous all over the world for his weird antics. The news of his cruelty has come once again. Due to the increased infection of the coronavirus, there is not only a strict ban in the whole of North Korea, but strict punishment is also being given to those who break the rules. This punishment can also be deadly. However, for Kim Jong Un to sentence people to death is a very small thing.

According to the information, a person recently lost his life in North Korea because he violated the rules imposed in the country regarding Corona. Kim Jong Un did not like the violation and issued a decree of death sentence to the person. Kim Jong-un killed a man through firing scod in North Korea. He publicly shot the man with bullets.

According to media reports, Kim Jong Un has also deployed anti-aircraft guns along the China Sea border to intimidate his citizens. With these weapons, anyone can be shot almost a km away from the border, whose orders are issued by Kim Jong-un.

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