North Korea ready for nuclear test again, alarm bell for America
North Korea ready for nuclear test again, alarm bell for America

Pyongyang: North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has announced the lifting of the ban on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests. Simultaneously, Kim Jong soon threatened to test a new weapon. Experts say that on Wednesday, the state media reported that Kim Jong was placing a missile on 'Donald Trump's head', but warned that North Korea would get a response on such a provocation. Washington is eager to answer this.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeii has instructed us to adopt a 'different way', saying that our country wants peace with North Korea and not any dispute. At the same time, the US President Donald Trump did not make the matter go away. North Korea has successfully conducted tests of missiles and six nuclear-capable of reaching all major areas of America. The last of these nuclear tests has a capacity of 16 times more powerful than the Hiroshima explosion.

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Kim Jong has declared that he no longer needed it, on the ban of this type of testing. The past two years have been a focal point of nuclear diplomacy between Pyongyang and Washington, the capital of North Korea, with three meetings between Kim Jong and Donald Trump. It is being told that any kind of testing of North Korea will actually be done to the outraged Donald Trump, who has always accused Kim of not fulfilling his promise.

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