Leader Kim Jong shot dead an officer returns from China, panic in whole world

Feb 15 2020 09:45 AM
Leader Kim Jong shot dead an officer returns from China, panic in whole world

India's neighboring country has caused panic in the whole world due to Coronavirus which is wreaking havoc in China. Foreign media has reported on the matter that an officer who returned from China in North Korea was shot only because he had reached a public bathing site despite government denials. It is known that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made strict laws for all the people returning from China. Such people are being kept in surveillance centers and they are not allowed to go to public places.

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The officer was placed on the isolation ward after traveling back from China and did not obey the order of North Korean leader Kim Jong that forbade him to leave the isolation ward without permission. Kim has spoken of dealing with such people under military law. The report said that the North Korean trade officer was arrested on Thursday and immediately shot in view of the risk of spreading the disease. No cases of this virus have been confirmed in North Korea yet.

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North Korean ruler Kim has taken strict steps by increasing the surveillance on its 880 miles long border with China so that the disease does not spread to his country. Not only this, Kim has made strict laws for those who have returned from China or who have had any recent contact with the people of China. The time limit of this law has also been extended by 30 days. Everyone has been asked to follow it unconditionally. Such people are being kept in monitoring centers.

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