Northeast experiences peak power shortage, due to underutilization of renewable sources

The seven sisters in the northeastern region of India is facing a high power shortage of 4.1% says the CEA (Central Electricity Authority) 2018-19 Load Generation Balance Report. Assam and Manipur tops the list with 3.5% and 5.2% deficit respectively.  It is found that the shortage is mainly due to the underutilization of renewable sources. The domestic and commercial sectors per capita consumption is the dominated one with per capita consumption 119 KW/hr while the industrial consumption is 1,200 GW/hr for the region. 

'Mission Shat Pratishat' for 2020-21: Punjab Govt

Tridip Goswami, head of compliance at social impact assessment enterprise, C-Quest Capital, at an international webinar on energy access and rural development said, "Although the northeast abounds in possibilities for renewable energy, it has not been exploited to its full potential". He said northeast has no wind mills at all though the region is capable of 300 to 500 MW power generation from the source in the region. Another form, Solar energy, is also underutilized but the region has a combined potential for installation of almost 60 GW of solar power. very low of less amount of 5.27 MW alone has been installed till date.

Teesta hydropower project facing opposing from Lepcha community

For the hydropower, the most exploited renewable energy source, 11% of actual potential has been realized. Goswami said the renewed interest in renewable energy, particularly for the rural poor, the Northeast could help India fulfill its dream of becoming a renewable energy superpower in the near future. Government is involved in setting up the Teesta hydro-power station across Teesta river to ease hydroelectric power production. Such so many initiatives are under plan or in beginning stage without posing a threat to the nature. 

Solar power connections rise in Covid times

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