Northern Alliance killed 40 Taliban militants, gunfire resonated in Panjsheer Valley

Kabul: The Taliban, a terror group in Afghanistan, is, on the one hand, trying to form a government and is talking about establishing its relations with the world. But on the other hand, they are yet to capture the Panjsheer area, and the war continues. Since Monday, there has been a fierce exchange of fire between Taliban and Northern Alliance (NA) fighters in Panjsheer.

An infiltration attempt is being made by the Taliban in different areas of Panjsheer. However, according to the Northern Alliance, the Taliban have not yet succeeded in any of their attempts. The Northern Alliance says that we are monitoring every entry of Panjsheer, we have foiled an infiltration bid by the Taliban in Shotul. There is firing between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, the constant war continues. Meanwhile, the Northern Alliance says that the bodies of more than 40 Taliban fighters are lying where the firing took place, and later we tried to return them. However, it is a matter of relief that there was no firing on both sides on Thursday.

The challenge before the Taliban, other than the war in Panjsheer, is that their fighters are not being treated in Kabul. Because the staff at many hospitals in Kabul have not yet returned to work. That is why the Taliban, the terror group, has to fight on many fronts with the Northern Alliance.

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