Norway: Taliban delegation meets with members of Afghanistan's civil society
Norway: Taliban delegation meets with members of Afghanistan's civil society

KABUL: A visiting Taliban delegation led by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi reportedly met with a group of Afghan civil society members in Oslo, where the two sides reportedly agreed to collaborate for the benefit of the war-torn nation.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul following the meeting on Sunday, "participants listened patiently to one another's perspectives and exchanged views on the country's current situation."

"They affirmed that Afghanistan is a shared home for all Afghans and emphasised the importance of all Afghans cooperating for the country's political, economic, and security prosperity.  "The meeting's participants recognised that only mutual understanding and cooperation can provide a lasting solution to Afghanistan's problems. "All participants, speaking in unison, declared such meetings to be in the national interest," the statement continued.

The members of Afghanistan's civil society have not yet been identified. On Twitter, US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Thomas West, who is also in Oslo, expressed his appreciation for Norway taking the initiative to convene the meeting.

"We warmly welcome our hosts' initiative to convene a dialogue between Afghan civil society and the Taliban. Civil society leaders, he stated, are critical to the health and prosperity of economies and societies.

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