Not 1 but 8 people received threats to behead, shocking revelations in chemist's murder case

Amravati: In Amravati, Maharashtra, a big disclosure has come to light in the murder of chemist Umesh Kolhe, who posted on social media in support of BJP leader Nupur Sharma. According to the news received, the WhatsApp group in which Umesh Kolhe had posted related to Nupur also had criminal Dr Yusuf Khan Bahadur Khan. Umesh did not write anything about Nupur Sharma herself, but only forwarded 4-5 posts. Taking screenshots of his post, Yusuf Khan went viral in different groups. Only after that, a conspiracy was hatched to kill Umesh.

According to reports, two teams were formed by mastermind Irfan Sheikh to execute the murder of Umesh Kolhe. A team was made to do Reiki in front of the shop. He was entrusted with the responsibility of informing him about Umesh's exit from the shop. As soon as Umesh closed the shop on the night of June 21 and left, the other team standing in Ghantaghar Gali was informed about it. As soon as Umesh reached there, the attackers broke down on him. He was attacked several times with knives.

Meanwhile, another big news is coming out in which it is being told that eight persons, including Umesh Kolhe, were threatened with beheading in Amravati, Maharashtra. Subsequently, Dr Rathi shared a video of him apologizing on his social media account. Then he went and saved their lives.

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