'Not even a 16-day-old girl was spared..', when 59 kar sevaks were burnt alive.. Amit Shah narrated the story.

New Delhi:Union Home Minister Amit Shah has broken his silence on the issue after the Supreme Court's verdict on the 2002 Gujarat riots came. Amit Shah described all the talk against him and the BJP as a media propaganda with opposition parties. At the same time, he also questioned the silence of the Congress on the karsevaks burnt in Godhra. He termed Zakia Jafri as a worker at the behest of Teesta Setalvad.

Amit Shah said, "The root cause of the riots in Gujarat was the burning of the train in Godhra. The 16-day-old baby girl, who was in her mother's lap, was also burnt. I have done the fire-rites of those people with my own hands in Godhra. I have seen the funeral of the burnt people in that train with my own eyes. Their bodies were brought by ambulance. There was grief and anger among the people over this incident. In Godhra, a parade of the bodies of people burnt in the train was taken out, the kind of things are part of the conspiracy. The riots took place in Godhra due to the burning of the train. All the riots that followed were caused by political conspiracies. There was also no official input of the Gujarat riots. The responsible people at the time did a good job. '

The Home Minister further said, "We fought in the face of lies, because history lives for several thousand years. We have fought many battles like GST, surgical strikes. There were conspiracies to defame the supreme leader of my party. But they were defeated. It may be a matter of complacency for PM Modi, but for the rest of the party workers, it is a matter of self-respect. '

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