Not every missed call deserves a call back: Daniel Amos

Aug 09 2018 07:21 PM
Not every missed call deserves a call back: Daniel Amos

Scrolling down my timeline, I came across some amazing lines that stuck by me for quite a while.

It read, “As soon as you fall back, they crawl back. Just remember, that every missed call doesn’t deserve a call back.”

Well, it had so much top express and explain.

Pondering upon the major reasons behind our stress, you would realize that the source of all the stress is our thoughts.

In the lives we lead, it is very important to understand that not every thing in the world is equally important as the others.

You need to prioritize things and people.

You need to understand that not everything you get to hear, has to be kept in your head and given a thought.

Certain things need to be ignored. Certain things do not require to be responded back.

Responding back to foul comments is another way of encouraging them and satisfying their purpose.

Hence, the next time you come across a humiliation, question yourself, if it is worth your response.

Save time, save energy, and more than anything, save the peace of your mind.

The ability to differentiate between your priorities is the true sign of maturity, which gives you the power to lead a happier life.

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