Not much is known about women victims of false claims in search of jobs

Kochi: The State Special Branch (SSB) in Kerala has made a sensational disclosure about a human trafficking racket. They have found in their investigation that more than 100 women are still trapped in Arab families in the Gulf countries. The investigation has been intensified after recently rescued three women from Kerala who were sold to families in Kuwait by a human trafficking racket.

Investigating officials have learned that the racket had sought applications for jobs as baby sitter and hospital staff in Kuwait. Several women were recruited between December 2021 and February 2022 after job posters were posted in Kerala. However, not much is known about the women who have been victims of false claims in search of jobs. In this case, the police has succeeded in locating two more women. One of these two women is a resident of Kollam and the other is a resident of Ernakulam. She somehow escaped from the clutches of human trafficking rackets in Kuwait and returned to her home with the help of a Malayali organization based there. Both women have told the media that their passports were taken away by a human-trafficking racket upon arrival in Kuwait.

One of the victims told that, 'After reaching there we came to know that they had brought us here to make us housemaids of Arab families.' He said, 'When we protested, they threatened to send us to jail by implicating us in fake cases. We were so scared of it. Didn't even know what to do in this unknown place. The victim told that, 'We also saw many other women there, who were brought to Kuwait on the same bluff like us. Some were even arguing with those running the racket. At the same time, another woman told that she was brought to Kuwait via Dubai on 5 February this year. She resisted them and she managed to return from there on March 4. He said, 'There life had become hell. I vehemently opposed it. Many people like me are still trapped there. I managed to escape with the help of a Malayali organization in Kuwait.

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