Report: Not just corona, many lives are lost every year with accidents and other viruses
Report: Not just corona, many lives are lost every year with accidents and other viruses

Not adopting a health approach can increase the risk of genetic diseases, or animal diseases, in the near future. It is estimated that if steps are not taken in this direction, one crore deaths could occur every year due to such diseases after 2050. This number is more than the total number of deaths due to cancer and road accidents.

According to reports published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, the scourge of junatic diseases has been on the rise for the past two decades. Every third year since 2000, a serious public health problem has been arising for which viruses, pathogens, or bacteria from animals to humans are responsible. Diseases like Japanese encephalitis, bird flu, nipah, sars, mars, zika etc.

8.5 lakh virus essays: It has been revealed that 8.5 lakh viruses and pathogens are currently estimated to be active, including about 20,000 different types of covid viruses. Many of which will be transmitted to humans by animals. The risk of which is increasing even more than before. Many reasons are also coming up. Climate hazards, excessive use of antibiotics in animals in addition to the deteriorating environment, are causing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which has caused mutation in the strain of a virus or pathogen. It may also produce new pathogens. Lack of cleanliness among animal accommodation in residential areas has caused the spread of such infections from animals to humans.

Health protection of human beings is essential: According to the information received, a health approach has to be adopted to deal with this menace. In which safety of human health as well as animal health has to be ensured and veterinary scientists and human doctors are going to do research together in this direction. A strategy to protect human beings against various types of pathogen attacks as well as a strategy to protect animals from them has to be worked out.

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