Apr 05 2021 03:21 PM

World's First Acneologist , Dr. Suyomi Shah, MD Dermatologist and Certified Trichologist (IAT Australia), took it upon herself to change the healthcare sector especially in the field of dermatology. The efforts she put into educating and creating awareness on different topics for free is noble. Facing acne herself, she understood quite earlier that treating acne relies heavily on a holistic approach and building a better lifestyle over and beyond medical treatments. This approach is what made her a super doc and the love from patients kept pouring in making her a true People’s Dermatologist.

Acne has created a lot of insecurities for many people, Dr. Su stood up against the beauty standards and spread positivity across the community, she was what everybody was asking for. During the pandemic, the times were such that she had to take her expertise online. Dr. Su helps her audience on Instagram understand the basics of skin and hair, busting myths and marketing gimmicks out there. It’s been a great journey for Dr. Su so far, the love and engagement with her content only grows bigger each day from all parts of the world. This overwhelming response has led to a 60 day waiting period as of today to get an appointment for online consultation. 
Dr. Su is also praised for her magic drink which has now become a household phenomenon. This drink has been working wonders not only for skin and hair but overall health. There's more in store, says Dr. Su as she talks about her upcoming project in an interview with a leading magazine. Although things are in the R&D phase as of now, everybody is even more excited as she never fails to impress her audience especially when it comes to skin and hair care. These anticipations and expectations never scared her, in fact, she's even more thrilled and humbled to bring out something that will fulfill these expectations.
Apart from the project underworks, Dr. Su has an NGO of hers called Skin Forever Foundation that is completely dedicated towards helping special children (orphans) with their skin and hair conditions. This is one of her dream projects as she is a true altruist and wanted to do this for a long time. She also has authored and published two recipe books for Acne and hair health. Dr. Su has managed to do it all and the reason behind her drive is to put India on a pedestal and promote her Made in India brand globally. 

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