Note 7 banned on Indian Flights : DGCA
Note 7 banned on Indian Flights : DGCA

The Indian aviation regulator has put a ban on the new Samsung model Note 7. Seeing the excessive reports of burning and exploding by the customers all over the world, the headquarters of Indian Aviation regulator has put a ban on taking Note 7 model on aircrafts in any form, in hand, pocket or in their bags too. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has now said its September 9 order banning flyers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in check-in bags and from switching them on or charging in flight does "not apply to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 purchased after September 15, 2016." The modified DGCA order issued on Wednesday draws a distinction between Note 7 sold before and after the mid-September date.

The difference of model before and after September 15th can be made by seeing the battery icon. If the battery shows the icon of white color, the phone is sold or made before 15th September 2016 and are not welcomed onboard but the later version would have to be put switch off and can’t be charged on flight. Although the Samsung Note 7 has not yet been introduced to the Indian market but DGCA worries that people buy it from abroad before it launches here, and roam around with it.

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