Vijender Singh Chauhan, a 51-year-old professor at Delhi University's Zakir Hussain College, has become an unexpected celebrity in the world of UPSC aspirants. Known for his authoritative mock interview style, Chauhan's rise to fame stemmed from a viral video where he commented on a candidate's sitting posture during a mock interview at Drishti IAS. Despite the unintended humor surrounding his observation of the candidate's "kazual" posture, Chauhan's expertise in conducting mock interviews has garnered him a loyal following, with over one million followers on Instagram and 400K subscribers on his YouTube channel, Vijender Masijeevi.

Chauhan's popularity transcends the boundaries of the educational ecosystem, making him a recognizable figure among UPSC aspirants and educators alike. He stands alongside other influential figures such as Khan Sir and Vikas Divyakirti of Drishti IAS. However, Chauhan's journey to stardom hasn't been without its challenges. The sudden spotlight on him has forced him to defend his interview style and be cautious about his public interactions, as anything he says can be taken out of context.

Despite the newfound fame, Chauhan remains committed to his role as an educator and mentor. He continues to conduct mock interviews from his small studio in Delhi's Civil Lines, where he interacts with his audience through videos on Instagram and YouTube. While many have suggested that he monetize his popularity, Chauhan sees it as a responsibility towards his audience and a potential alternative should he ever lose his job.

The rise of Chauhan as a meme material reflects the unpredictable nature of internet culture. However, amidst the light-hearted banter, Chauhan's serious discussions on UPSC-related issues continue to garner attention and engagement. His ability to balance humor with insightful commentary has endeared him to his followers, who view him not just as an interviewer but also as a mentor and motivator.

Chauhan's journey from a school teacher to a prominent figure in the UPSC ecosystem is a testament to his dedication and expertise in interview skills. Despite facing challenges such as misunderstandings with candidates, Chauhan remains committed to his role as an impartial interviewer. He believes in maintaining professionalism and integrity, regardless of his newfound celebrity status.

As Chauhan navigates the complexities of his newfound fame, he remains grounded in his principles and values. He sees networking as a means to learning rather than simply pleasing others. His diverse roles as an interviewer, educator, and motivational speaker reflect his multifaceted personality and his dedication to empowering UPSC aspirants on their journey towards success.

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