Now this breed dog will work for PM Modi's security

New Delhi: The Special Security Force is responsible for the security of PM Narendra Modi. Now for the first time in the PSG squad, the native breed dog Mudhol Hound has also been included. Since then, Mudhol Hound is also going to join PM Security. Mudhol Hound Breed dogs are so smart that they are already working in the Indian Army and many security forces. But, now they have been included in the PSG squad for Prime Minister's Security. Even Prime Minister Modi has mentioned it in Mann Ki Baat. In such a situation, know why the dogs of this breed are dangerous and what can be the special thing about these dogs, due to this they can also be included in the security forces. So know what PM Modi has said about the dogs of this breed and what are the qualities of these dogs...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also mentioned the indigenous breed dog Mudhol Hound in his Mann Ki Baat program in the year 2020, which is considered to be the special breed of Karnataka. Along with this, in the year 2018, he mentioned it in a rally. Since then, the demand for these dogs has increased even more. Mudhol Hound is as good as the German Shepherd. It is more aggressive and faster in detecting crimes. The Mudhol breed was included for the first time in the team of BSF and Special Tiger Protection Force and Forest Ministry of Bandipur. Prior to this, he served in the Indian Army Force, CRPF and police squads of different states. By the way, research is also being done on many other breeds of dogs and they have included it in different things.

Why is this breed special?: These dogs are also known for their hunting and guarding talent. It is being said that the name of Mudhol Hound is derived from the then empire of Mudhol (in present-day Bagalkot), whose rulers also started raising them first. These dogs are very thin in appearance, but in the case of hunting, these dogs are very fast. These dogs are also adept at running and are also considered very clever. Apart from this, they can also sharpen their power to see and smell.

Reports say that Mudhol Hound was first raised by Malojirao Ghorpade, the king of the then Deccan empire of Mudhol. These dogs are said to be very fast, so the tribals also liked to raise them and once the king gifted these dogs to the delegates of England.

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