Now get rid of the smell of sweat

Alum is used in almost all households. The use of alum can filter water impurities, in addition to which there are many benefits for the health and beauty of alum, today we have to talk to you about some home remedies of alum that you can only use to get rid of many of your problems.

1- If your breath stinks, you can use alum as a natural mouth wash. To use it, grind the alum and mix it with water and rinse it 2-3 times a day. Doing so will remove the odour of your breath, and if you have a toothache, it will also heal.

2- Use alum to get rid of sweat odour, so leave a piece of alum in your bath water, take a bath with this water regularly when it is completely dissolved, so that your body stops smelling of sweat. In addition, you can also get rid of cough, cold and mucus, so grind the alum to powder it. And add honey to it and eat it, so that your cough will be cured. 

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