Now it's easy to clean jewellery kept at home, find out how
Now it's easy to clean jewellery kept at home, find out how

All women are fond of wearing jewellery. Women always like to buy and wear expensive jewellery. The brightness of jewellery kept for a long time is also affected. If you don't take care of your jewellery properly, its colour may be old. Today we are going to tell you some special jewellery care tips. Using which your jewellery will always remain new.

1- Everyone uses perfume. Make sure you never spray perfume on your jewellery. Doing so can spoil the colour of your jewellery.

2- Always wrap pure gold jewellery in a sponge or cotton and place it in a plastic box. Doing so will not darken the colour of your jewellery.

3- Emerald is a very soft stone. Always use lukewarm water to clean it. Add a little washing powder to lukewarm water and dip the emerald and wash it off. Doing so will brighten your emerald gemstone again.

4- Use an eraser to remove any stains on your jewellery.

5- Whenever you wear jewellery, make sure that your jewellery does not have any makeup products, perfumes, lotions or anything else. This may damage your jewellery.

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