Now liquor can hugely enjoy in Madhya Pradesh, bar licence process gets simplified

Jul 13 2019 05:26 PM
Now liquor can hugely enjoy in Madhya Pradesh, bar licence process gets simplified

Bhopal: Taking a bar licence at Tourist and Heritage Place in the forests to increase revenue and fill the state's vacant treasure, the Kamal Nath government has now made it extremely easy. The bar can be easily opened in the forests, especially in the heritage hotels running in the vicinity of the National Park and Tiger Reserve area. The government has simplified the process for this.

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While the Kamal Nath government is calling it a move to promote tourism, the opposition has attacked the government over the Kamal Nath government's move. The Opposition is calling it a step to encourage alcoholism. The Kamal Nath government has changed the liquor policy of the state in order to boost revenues. The government argues that it will increase the income of the government. The government's move will also boost alcohol sales. Excise Minister Brijendra Singh Rathore says it will encourage tourism. According to the minister, the bar can be opened in the hotel within a radius of 10 km of the forest area. For which the hotel must have 25 rooms.

The opposition is the aggressor to the government's decision. Former Minister Vishwas Sarang has said that this government is drunk. Promoting alcoholism. The Kamal Nath government is a government that protects the liquor mafia. Where wildlife is conserved, these people are talking about building new hotels in the forest. The government, on the other hand, argues that liquor was sold illegally in such areas so far. By simplifying the license rules, alcohol will be sold legally and the government will receive revenue.

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