Now nail paint is easier to remove, find out how...

Girls with faces also take care of their nails. We are well aware of how the nail colour suits them and how to set them up. But due to the constant nail paint, the nails start to turn yellow, and it is also very important to get rid of the nailpaint from the hands. You may use nail polish remover every time, but you can't clean nail paints because you don't have a remover. Tell you, you can clean them without a remover. Today we will tell you about the methods of cleaning nailpaint with the help of home remedies, so let's know about it.

1 Spray deodorant on your nail painted nails and wipe with cotton immediately. In fact, deodorant has components as soon as the nail paint remover occurs, which makes it easier to move away.

2 Almost all hair sprays contain rubbing alcohol that acts as a nail polish remover. If there is no nail remover, hairspray on nailpaint on the nails. Then wipe the nails with cotton immediately.

3 In addition to cleaning hands, you can also use hand sanitizer to remove Nail Paul Shi. To remove the old nailpaints and losing shine of the nails, clean the hand sanitizer with a cotton ball.

4 This is the easiest way to get rid of nail polish. Take hot water in a bowl and dip your nails in it for 10 minutes. Then take the stool from the cotton. The old nail polish will descend.

5 Add lemon to the vinegar first. Then dip the nails in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then wipe. Now dip the cotton in a mixture of vinegar and lemon and rub it on the nails for 10 seconds.

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