Now this singer is not being recognized, he once weighed 230 kg.

Adnan Sami is very much liked by people and he is famous for his voice. In his career spanning over 25 years, Adnan Sami undoubtedly gave more than one song. At the moment Adnan Sami is in the news these days for his changed look. In fact, there was a time when singer Adnan Sami used to be 230 kg, although he gradually lost a lot of weight, the evidence of which is his pictures from maldives. Yes, his new pictures have surprised everyone. You can see it's getting difficult to recognize them in these new photos.

Yes, and everyone is saying that they can't believe their eyes. You can see that in the photo of the share, Adnam Sami is seen in a black t-shirt and Adnam Sami is looking extremely handsome with black glasses on his eyes. By the way, now seeing 50-year-old Adnan Sami , everyone's senses have been blown away. You can see another photo of him is going viral, which no one can recognize Adnan. Adnam has been losing weight for many years and there was a time when his weight reached 230 kg after which the knees started to get stressed.

At that time, the doctors had advised him to lose weight and said that if he did not lose weight, then he would be able to survive only for 6 months, after which he started focusing on fitness. Now today Adnan is both fit and hit. Adnan had lost 165 kg in 11 months and earlier he used to walk. Then after losing a little weight, he started doing treadmill and cardio and with this he controlled his food a lot and started taking a healthy diet. He did not eat fried and had stopped sugar altogether. At the moment, people are surprised to see their weight.

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