Now you can also secretly watch anyone's Insta story, know-how

The Instagram craze is growing even faster every day. After the ban of TikTok, the trend of Instagram reels and short videos in India has started to grow even faster. Apart from this, a story of photos or videos has also been created on Instagram. Whoever sees the story, it is informed to the user. The user knows who can see the story. If you want to see the story of such a person and he does not even know that the story has been seen, then a trick is being given for them also. The other person won't see your name even after you see it.  

Secretly look at anyone's story on Instagram: The story on Instagram is preloaded. If you have to secretly watch the story, you will have to make your smartphone airplane mode, after which you will be able to see the story. But your name will appear in the view list. 

What to do if the story is not preloaded: Many times it takes time to preload because of the more story. Whichever way. Like if you have to see a particular person's story, first of all go to his account and wait a little longer. After which the phone will have to be made on airplane mode again. After which you open the story, then the story will appear and the name will not appear in the view list. 

Get help from third-party apps: There are many third-party apps in the App Store so that the story has been secretly viewed. But it may be better not to install these apps, as these apps are not verified and there is a fear of data theft.

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