Now you can earn money by using Facebook: Deets inside

Jun 13 2019 04:19 PM
Now you can earn money by using Facebook: Deets inside

An announcement has been made by social media website Facebook to stay in the competition. The company has released a research app study under which Facebook will give him money if the user allows him to track his phone. By tracking the user's phone, the app will detect how much time the user is spending on the app. The company has made it clear that it can download the app for a person of 18 years or more.

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An app name is Study By Facebook. You must install Yager in your phone. The user will then be required to track the phone. This will help the company gather information about the user-used feature, the time, country, device, and network type that is spent on a particular app. The company has claimed that such an app shows the user's choice and provides them with much better service. Data access information: The company has said that it will be informed to the user of all data taken under this program. Facebook reported that any user who will join the program will be protected. The company has also said that it will use minimal user data. No data will be taken from the app's content.

For your information, tell us how much money the company will give users for this program. But the company had earlier also launched a program of this kind for which the company paid users $20 a month. In which countries the program will be organized in the early stages this program will be launched in the US and India. The company says social media platforms will be used to promote the program. Agar no user wants to join this program, they need to sign in to see the ad. After checking users ' qualifications, Facebook will send this app to an invitation for downloading.

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