NRC: Family of man who lost his life in Assam movement is not in the list
NRC: Family of man who lost his life in Assam movement is not in the list

Guwahati: On August 31, the final list of NRC was released in Assam. There was a lot of tension among people about this list. After the list is being released,  it is in disputes. Because it does not contain the names of many people who have sacrificed for the country or Assam. One such name is Madan Malik. Malik's died during the Assam movement. This movement was the background of NRC.

His 66-year-old wife, Sarabbala Sarkar, said that during the agitation, opponents beheaded her husband, NRC was formed due to his sacrifice and now my name is not in the list. The Akhil Assam Students Union has also built a martyr memorial in Madan's name. Sarabbala says that the government considered my husband a martyr, gave him a letter of honour, but when the turn came to include the name in the NRC, I was not listened to. Significantly, the Assam government has honoured Sarabbala many times.

Prafulla Mahanta, who became the Chief Minister in 1985, gave him 30 thousand rupees and a letter of honour. After this, in 2016, CM Sonowal honoured him with five lakh rupees and honorary letters. Mohammed Sanaullah, who fought for the country in the Kargil war, is not named in the final list of NRC. The names of the daughters and sons of retired Junior commissioned officer Sanaullah, who was awarded the President's Medal, is missing from the list. However, his wife is considered an Indian citizen. Sanaullah was declared a foreigner this year by the Foreign Tribunal. All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) MLA Anant Kumar Malo was surprised on Saturday when his name was missing from the final list of NRC. However, senior BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma in the state said that he does not trust this list.

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