NSA Doval explained- What is Jihad and what does the Quran say?

New Delhi: National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on Tuesday (November 29) asserted that cross-border terrorism and ISIS-inspired terrorism continue to pose a threat to the entire humanity. If religion or faith is used to achieve a goal, it cannot be considered appropriate. We should focus on the real message of our religions which are for humanism and peace.

Addressing a conference in Delhi on the role of Ulema in promoting a culture of interfaith peace and social harmony in India and Indonesia, NSA Doval said, "As you all know, both our countries have been victims of terrorism and separatism. To overcome these challenges to a great extent, the phenomenon of cross-border and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-inspired terrorism remains a threat.'' Doval further said that the cooperation of civil society is necessary for countering the threat from individual terrorist organizations and returnees inspired by ISIS from countries like Syria and Afghanistan. The NSA further said that today's discussions are aimed at bringing together Indian and Indonesian Ulema and scholars who can advance cooperation in promoting tolerance, harmony, and peaceful coexistence.  

He said, 'If extremism, bigotry and religion are misused to achieve any goal, then it cannot be justified on any basis. This is a perverted form of religion against which we all need to raise our voice. Extremism and terrorism are contrary to the principles of Islam. Because Islam means peace and welfare. Opposition to such forces should not be confused with any religion or belief. It is just a trick.'

The NSA further said, 'Instead, we should focus on the real message of our religions, which stands for the values ​​of humanism, peace and understanding. In fact, as the Holy Quran itself teaches, killing one person is tantamount to killing the whole of humanity, and saving one is tantamount to saving humanity. Islam says that the best form of Jihad is 'Jihad Afzal', i.e. Jihad against one's ego and not against innocent citizens.'

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