NSE Warns Investors About Fraudulent Instagram and Telegram Channels
NSE Warns Investors About Fraudulent Instagram and Telegram Channels

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has issued a warning to investors regarding two suspicious channels on Instagram and Telegram that falsely claim to offer investment tips. Additionally, the NSE has cautioned against illegal trading services being promoted by certain entities.

Beware of Fraudulent Channels
The NSE has identified an Instagram account named 'bse_nse_latest' and a Telegram channel called 'BHARAT TARDING YATRA'. These channels are offering unauthorized trading tips and proposing to manage investors' trading accounts. The NSE strongly advises investors to avoid subscribing to any schemes or products promising assured or guaranteed returns, as these are illegal. Investors are also warned against sharing their trading credentials, such as user IDs and passwords, with anyone.

Warning Against Illegal Trading Services
In a separate advisory, the NSE highlighted an individual named 'Aditya' associated with entities called “Bear&Bull PLATFORM” and “Easy Trade”, which are involved in illegal trading activities. The NSE disclosed two mobile numbers used by this person: 8485855849 and 9624495573. The exchange clarified that Aditya is not registered as a member or authorized person of any registered NSE member, and a police complaint has been filed against him.

How to Verify a Stock Broker
To help investors avoid falling victim to fraud, the NSE provided a tool called 'Know/Locate your Stock Broker'. This service, available on the NSE website at this link, allows investors to check the credentials of registered members and authorized persons.

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