Pegasus maker The Wire threatened- 'Defamation case to be filed if spreads fake news'
Pegasus maker The Wire threatened- 'Defamation case to be filed if spreads fake news'

New Delhi: While the opposition is creating ruckus in the name of 'Pegasus' in India, the Israeli company NSO Group, which manufactures and sells the software, has bluntly stated that the numbers that are said to have been used Pegasus to spy on them are not actually theirs or never were. More importantly, a spokesman for the Israeli company has reported this to news channel NDTV itself.

He says the 50,000 numbers of data obtained by the Paris non-profit group (NGO) Forbidden Stories are not theirs at all. According to the spokesperson, it is not and was never a list of NSO. This is only fabricated information. These numbers were never the target of NSO customers. The spokesperson also said that what is being repeatedly said about the names included in the list is absolutely false and fake. He said the company does not have access to the data of its customers. In such a case, it is the job of the client to inform them under investigation. He also says that if NSO further finds evidence of misuse of his technology, he will check it thoroughly as it always used to be and will continue to be.

The company also issued a public statement in which it rejected a report by news portal The Wire that listed 300, claiming that several top journalists, including Rahul Gandhi, were among the possible hacking targets. At the same time, the group has threatened to sue The Wire for defamation for publishing the relevant report. The Israeli firm sent a letter to The Wire through its lawyer Claire Lock and threatened her with defamation for publishing baseless reports. In this regard, reports were published on The Wire and The Washington Post in the past claiming that clients of the NSO group targeted their rivals, journalists, and human rights activists using Pegasus, including Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Kishore. However, the Government of India has also denied the allegations of espionage.

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