NSW Health warns against local transmission of monkeypox
NSW Health warns against local transmission of monkeypox

SYDNEY:  Health officials in New South Wales (NSW), the state with the highest population in Australia, issued a warning on Wednesday that monkeypox is likely to spread domestically as two cases may have been contracted there.

The NSW health agency said that 11 cases of monkeypox had been found in the state, of which nine were most likely acquired overseas.

Dr. Jeremy McAnulty, Executive Director of Health Protection at NSW Health, suggested that the virus may be spreading locally, especially among men who have sex with men.  "Monkeypox is not now manifesting in the cases we have seen in NSW in the way some people assume, such as a large rash or lesions all over the body."

According to Jeremy McAnulty, quoting  Xinhua report, "the virus is primarily disseminated by skin-to-skin contact with the lesions or, rarely, through intimate contact with large respiratory droplets from a person early in their infection.It could just be a couple of what seem to be pimples in the genital area or buttocks, hence people need to pay careful attention to any potential symptoms.

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