Nupurdhvani Bharatnatyam Dance Festival Shines in Indore
Nupurdhvani Bharatnatyam Dance Festival Shines in Indore

In a celebration of cultural resonance, the Nupurdhvani Bharatnatyam dance festival, orchestrated by the esteemed Drupad Dance Academy in Indore, transported its audience on a captivating journey steeped in the mesmerizing waves of Carnatic music and dance. The festival's primary objective was to introduce the exquisite art form of Bharatanatyam, originating from South India, to the city's populace.

Led by the accomplished dance guru Ashish Pillai, the event witnessed 50 dancers from the academy showcasing the pure essence and intricate forms of Bharatanatyam. The presentations unfolded as a unique blend of dance, drama, and spirituality, captivating the audience's hearts and minds.

The program encompassed a diverse array of performances, each exuding devotional fervor and artistry. From the soulful recitation of Shlokas by young children to the vibrant and expressive Kavadi Chinadu dance depicting Lord Karthikeya, and the reverential praise of Lord Rama in Thodayamangalam, every act epitomized the pursuit of perfection in devotion.

Senior students of the institute delved into the sacred narrative of the marriage between Goddess Tripura Sundari Meenakshi Devi and Sundarvel, presented in the form of Lord Shiva through the expressive Varnam. Meanwhile, another group intricately portrayed various Leelas of Lord Krishna, such as Ukhal Bandhan, through the enchanting Taye Yashoda Keertanam. Gopi Vastraharan and Raas were also mesmerizingly presented through dance on the stage.

Ashish Pillai and his disciples brought alive the compelling story of Shiva transforming into Neelkanth by consuming the Vish that emerged from Samudra Mantham, and later becoming Gangadhar by entwining Ganga in his locks. Their compelling enactment on stage evoked the essence of these divine tales.

The program culminated in an exhilarating display of fast-paced compositions. Performances in Ragas like Revati, Bhoopalam, and Hansadhwani through Tillana further elevated the festival's vibrancy, infusing the atmosphere with sheer enthusiasm.

The grand finale featured a semi-classical dance composition titled Bharatam Vande, commemorating India's 75th Independence Day. Through a seamless integration of songs like "Vaishnav Janato Tene Kahiye Jee Peed Parai Jaane Re," "Bharat Desh Hitay Bharatadi Muni Sevait," and "Vande Mataram," all 50 artists on stage portrayed the grandeur of Mother India in a dance form, eliciting pride and admiration from the audience.

The esteemed guests of the program, including MP Shankar Lalwani, Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava, Shri Uma Shankar Tiwari from Kiran Miscellaneous Arts College, Bhopal, and Shri P Babuji from SICA Trust, inaugurated the event formally by lighting the lamp and offering floral tributes to the idol of Nataraja.

Distinguished artists were felicitated during the program, including top performers from the annual Bharatanatyam examinations conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti and the Certificate in Dance course offered by Drupad Sansthan. Additionally, students who completed the institute's rigorous six-year dance course were also honored.

In a moment of immense pride, Dr. Ashish Pillai was bestowed with the National Service Award by the Weil Foundation for his remarkable contributions to the field of dance, marking a pinnacle of recognition on this auspicious occasion.

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