Try these home remedies to get relief from back pain

Jan 09 2021 04:23 PM
Try these home remedies to get relief from back pain

Often women have problems with back pain, the main reason for this is that women work all day by bowing, which also causes them to complain of back pain. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that can be adopted which can provide relief from back pain soon.

1-Patients suffering from back pain should prepare a paste by grinding nutmeg with water, then they should heat it well in sesame oil. Massage your waist with this oil. You will get the rest soon.

2- Thyme compress can also give you relief from backache. For this, you take a clean cloth and make a bundle of parsley by putting some parsley in it. After this, you bake the bundle on the pan and make your waist firm with the help of someone.

3-If you eat 3 to 4 walnuts on an empty stomach every day, it purifies your blood and gives relief to arthritis, back pain, knee pain. You must adopt this remedy for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

4- Consuming powdered cumin and sugar powder with water also gives you relief from back pain.

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