NY Goes Into Emergency Mode: Governor signs sweeping executive order

New York: Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, has signed a broad executive order aimed at addressing hospital staffing and capacity problems in the event of a post-Thanksgiving rise in Covid-19 cases. The "Disaster Emergency" executive order permits the New York State Department of Health to restrict "non-essential, non-urgent" treatments in hospitals and health-care systems that are already overburdened.

the order defines "restricted capacity" as less than 10% staffed bed capacity or "depending on regional and health care utilisation variables" at the discretion of the DOH.

"The order empowers state agencies to intervene to aid local governments if and when "affected local governments are unable to respond appropriately" to a variety of challenges that may arise during the ongoing pandemic," according to the decree. To stop the spread of Covid-19 and combat the pandemic, we've taken unprecedented measures. However, we're still seeing warning signals of surges this winter, and while the new Omicron strain hasn't been found in New York State yet, it's on its way," Hochul remarked.

"The vaccination remains one of our most powerful weapons in the fight against the pandemic, and I encourage every New Yorker to get vaccinated, and if you're already completely vaccinated, get the booster." The governor's powers stem from executive law enacted in the event that a crisis strikes New York State and local governments are unable to respond appropriately.

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