NYPD official says "Police shot down gunman in Brooklyn"

Jun 03 2020 12:32 PM
NYPD official says

Washington: A series of crimes and incidents that have been increasing in the world for the past several days, it has become a big problem for everyone today, every day the news of these crimes has created a furore in the hearts of people. A similar case has surfaced recently, after which fear has increased even more. A senior NYPD official recently issued a statement saying police shot a gunman in Brooklyn when he responded to the fire he shot down another person by the bullet.

According to a senior official, the police responded to the firing on Tuesday night in Crop Heights. And said that while he was engaged in his search work, he found a person who was shot and he is running to save his life even after getting hurt.

According to information, the NYPD official said that officers searched for the shooter, and it was discovered that he was hiding behind a fence. Whereupon the officer told that the gunman came from outside and started attacking the police with the gun, several policemen then opened fire, and to protect themselves they hit the suspect.

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