Oats Dosa Recipe: The Quickly way to make a South Indian Recipe

Jul 15 2016 10:16 AM
Oats Dosa Recipe: The Quickly way to make a South Indian Recipe

Oats Dosa looks a lot like Rava Dosa with holes of different sizes (almost like a net) and tastes like a cross between rava, oats and regular dosa.


1/2 cup instant oats/quick cooking oats

1/4 cup semolina (rava)

1/2 cup rice flour (You can also use whole wheat flour or all purpose flour/maida)

1.5 cups water

1 large onion

1 large green chilli

2 Tbsp grated coconut Ghee or oil Salt to taste

2 Tbsp yogurt

1 Tbsp coriander leaves/curry leaves

Easy Method:- 

-  Grind the quick cooking oats till it's really fine and powdery Add the rice flour, semolina/rava and the yogurt.

-  Add the water, slowly so that you can keep track of consistency and know when to stop.

- Add the onions, chilli and coriander/curry leaves (or both). If you don't like raw onions, I recommend you saute the onions first.

-  Let the batter sit for 20-30 minutes.

- Pre-heat the tawa and drizzle some water on it to check if it's hot or not.

-  Drizzle some ghee or oil on the pan and spread it across the tawa. Pour some of the batter in the centre and using a serving spoon, spread it around.

- Let it sit for two minutes and turn over when cooked. 7. Serve with fresh coconut chutney.

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