Lady sweeper Lakshmi Mukhi cleans road by tying the child to back

Nowadays many types of videos and photos are viral which sometimes touch the heart. Now, a video from the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is going viral. Those watching this video are surprised. In fact, in the Mayurbhanj district, these days a woman sweeper is seen cleaning the road by tying her child to her back. After seeing it, many people have described the woman as an example. According to the information received, the name of this woman sweeper is Lakshmi Mukhi.

Lakshmi said, "I have been working in the Baripada Municipality for the last 10 years. I'm alone in my house so I have to work with my child tied to my back. Apart from this, Lakshmi also revealed that 'this is not a problem for me, but it is my duty.' Baripada Municipality President Badal Mohanty said, "Lakshmi Mukhi is our sweeper. Due to some personal issues, she brings her child with her and performs her duties every day. I have instructed our officers to monitor her needs, if there is any problem we will support it.''

This video is now becoming increasingly viral on social sites and the one who is looking at this woman praises her. Laxmi Mukhi is really a wonderful woman and we also salute her for her work. She proved that one must face every difficulty to perform their duties.

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