Ola launches 500th showroom in India
Ola launches 500th showroom in India

Starting an electric vehicle as part of its plan to increase its direct-to-consumer (D2C) presence in the country, Ola Electric has announced the launch of its 500th Experience Centre (EC) in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. By August 2023, Ola, which operates in over 300 cities, wants to have 1,000 showrooms nationwide.

Despite having 500 showrooms nationwide, the business still gets a large amount of its sales from its website and app. The company asserts that by using an omnichannel strategy, EV accessibility has improved throughout India, especially in rural areas where EVs were previously unavailable.

"The opening of our 500th store signifies our accomplishments, but serves as a reminder of the challenges that still lie ahead," stated Anshul Khandelwal, CMO of Ola Electric.

Currently, Ola controls 40% of the EV scooter market in India. The company sold over 30,000 units last month, setting a new record for monthly sales, and maintaining its lead in two-wheeler EV sales for the ninth straight month.
Ola Electric is an Indian electric vehicle (EV) start-up company that was founded in 2017. It is a subsidiary of Ola, which is one of the largest ride-hailing companies in India. Ola Electric aims to revolutionize the electric mobility space in India by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

The company's main focus is on the development and manufacturing of electric scooters, and it has gained significant attention in the EV market. Ola Electric has been working on designing and producing its own electric scooters, which are expected to be affordable and cater to the needs of the Indian market.

Ola Electric has also been actively involved in creating a robust charging infrastructure for EVs in India. The company has been deploying its own charging stations, known as Ola Hyperchargers, across the country. These charging stations are designed to provide fast and convenient charging for electric vehicles, addressing one of the key concerns for EV adoption.

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