This old couple selling tea for many years to travel the world together

When people gets old, their hands and feet stop working. There are some people who only take rest but there are others who keep working. It is said that if you keep working, even in old age, there is as much strength in the arms and legs as in the days of youth. If we always work hard, then in old age there is no problem of doing anything. In today's time, people after the age of 60 quit working and sit at home, but there are some people who work at this age and spend their lives. Today we are going to tell you about one such couple who are 66 years old but their hard work is amazing and they have done a commendable task with their hard work.

This couple is from Kerala and their name is Vijayan and his wife Mohana. This couple is also working in old age and due to this work, this couple has so far traveled to 23 countries. Talking about the work of the couple, the couple sells tea. By selling tea, the couple has traveled to 23 countries so far. Vijayan lives in Kochi and has lived and sold tea for about 55 to 56 years. Both have been married for 46 years so far and both have made a mark in the world through their hard work. The dream of this couple was to travel the world. To fulfill this dream, the couple started selling tea in the year 1963. They started the work of selling tea on the road and this was the only source of their earnings.

When Vijayan was younger, he did not get the comforts that a rich child gets because he was born in a normal family. He visited many temples in Kerala and his father stayed with him during this time. Vijayan was tempted to roam. He became fond of traveling but could not do so due to household responsibilities. Vijayan's father died and after that the responsibility of his family came to him. While playing the responsibilities of family, his hobby got buried. After some time Mohana came in Vijayan's life.

300-350 customers come and drink tea every day at Vijayan and Mohana's tea shop. Apart from this, people who come to visit from abroad also come here and drink tea. Today the tea of Vijayan and Mohana is very famous. The most surprising thing is that there are no helpers in Vijayan and Mohana's shop. Both make tea themselves and also give it to the customers themselves. Vijayan and Mohana save 300 rupees from the amount they earn during the day because they have to fulfill their hobbies.

Now you must be thinking how can they roam by saving 300 rupees a day. The daily needs of this couple are very less. Both take a loan from the bank to roam and repay the bank loan for 3 years after the trip. After this, both plan for another trip. 

This couple has visited Brazil, Argentina, Peru countries so far. The most favorite places of this couple are Singapore, Switzerland and New York. At present, the couple are planning to visit Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Greenland, Norway.

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