Make shower gel at home to get healthy skin

Sep 19 2019 09:32 PM
Make shower gel at home to get healthy skin

Taking a shower with a shower gel makes you more refreshed after work. That is, if you use shower gel instead of soap, then it is beneficial for your skin. But instead of taking it from outside, you can also make it at home. You can prepare shower gel at home with the help of olive oil. The vitamins and antioxidants in olive oil protect the skin from damage and also reduce the symptoms of premature aging. Let's know how to make this jail.

Honey is quite famous for its skin related benefits. It keeps the skin hydrated and also has anti-bacterial properties, which prevents skin infection. Use raw honey to get maximum benefits.

Olive oil:
Olives contain nutrients that promote skin health. Use extra olive oil for better results.

Liquid Castile Soap:
This soap is necessary to use in homemade shower gel. This soap enhances the clinging properties of the shower gel.

Essential Oils:
You can choose essential oil. Essential oil shower enhances the aroma of the gel. However, do not add additional amounts of essential oil.

How to make:
To make homemade shower gel, mix all these ingredients in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients properly and put it in the jar. Keep the jar away from heat and sunlight. This shower gel lasts for a long time.

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