Oliver Steele, a contestant on American Idol, talks openly about Katy Perry
Oliver Steele, a contestant on American Idol, talks openly about Katy Perry

Katy Perry might not be such a jerk after all, it seems! Oliver Steele, a former participant, has reiterated his position that the American Idol judge is a "wonderful person," weeks after he defended her in the face of criticism and rumours that she could quit the programme.

Earlier this month, the Season 21 finalist reassured his fans that Perry "is not a bully," and on a recent episode of the American Idol Unaired podcast, he talked more about his time working with the artist.

Olive Steele, who is currently one of the American Idol finals, speaks candidly about his positive interactions with the judges, especially Katy Perry. Here is Steele's response. Steele continued, “Like I came up to her like day one in Hollywood. I was like, ‘Katy, would you mind if I got a photo?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, sure, just like one second.’ Because they were doing like her makeup, and then she’s like, ‘Alright, let’s get that photo.’ Like she’s just super sweet.”

He added that she’s “supportive in her own little way” and while he didn’t win the ultimate competition, he thanked the “Hot N Cold” singer for “pushing him” to be “better” and reach his “full potential.”


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“I’ve seen a lot of rumors going around the internet about Katy Perry possibly leaving idol and I don’t necessarily know what’s true and what’s not. Here’s what I know about @katyperry,” he wrote on an Instagram post earlier this month. “Katy is not a bully, nor does she shame people.”

Steele added, “Katy has an incredible ability to not just tell what emotional state you’re in, but to be able to tell what’s holding you back. I love all the judges, but Katy always seemed to be able to look into my soul and tell exactly what was troubling me, or what it was I was struggling with.”

Steele said that Katy Perry, who supported the candidates in her own unique manner, was the coolest and funniest person off-camera. "I think that's the biggest thing with Katy," he continued. Without ever having to declare "I'm pushing you," she would push you.

Oliver Steele previously defended Perry in an Instagram post from May. The American Idol judge, according to him, is not a bully and doesn't "shame people."

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