Om Puri says: I might quit altogether !
Om Puri says: I might quit altogether !

The actor Om Puri's statement made on Indian soldiers during a television debate is condemned by everyone. People shout for his boycott also. 

Om Puri spoke on this note, "Let them boycott my films. Earlier they've spoken of boycotting Shah Rukh and Salman Khan's films. But those wanting to stop films featuring me should know that's not me on screen, that's a character. A better option of showing their anger towards me would be to spit on and tear my posters. But when you try to harm films you harm a lot of other people who haven't offended you in any way."

"I'll never participate in a television debate again. If you want to discusss national issues with come and talk face-to-face one-on-one. They asked me a question. I was answering. In the middle of my answer, they asked me about soldiers and in irritation, I said what I did. It was wrong. Terribly wrong of me to disrespect our soldiers. I pronounce myself guilty. Just saying I am sorry, is not enough. Let the Government decide my punishment. But I'd implore them to not just put me in jail where I will sit around eating free meals. Let me do something for the betterment of society," he added.

Om desires now to meet martyrs family, "Let the current emotions settle down. The family is currently in bereavement and shock. Let them get out of this stress situation. Then I'll not only visit the soldiers' families, I'll also give whatever I can afford for their children.I want to assume the role of the soldiers' children's uncle. I want to become a part of their family."

Om on disgust by all said, "Yes, I might quit altogether. At the moment I've received an offer from Canada for a three-month assignment from January 2017 onwards, which I plan to take up."

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