OMG! 81 people hanged at the same time, Details Inside''

81 criminals involved in several heinous crimes such as rape, murder, attack on places of worship, links with terrorists have been awarded the death penalty in a single day. So many people have been sentenced to death by Saudi Arabia at the same time. According to the report, Saudi Arabia's interior ministry on Saturday executed all these criminals. Many of them worked with the dreaded terrorist organizations ISIS and al-Qaeda, while many others were involved in incidents such as murders and rapes.

The same death penalty has also been given to some foreigners in addition to those living in Saudi Arabia. Most of them were from Yemen. All of them were involved in miscreants like targeting religious places and government institutions, killing security officials, laying mines, kidnapping, torture and rape and robbery of weapons. In addition, it also involved arms smugglers with the objective of spreading disturbances in the country.

After the trial in the same court, all these convicts were sentenced to death by the court. The ministry said that the appellate court and the Supreme Court had sealed the death sentence to all of them. According to media reports, the court had directed that all these be given death sentences. Among those sentenced to death was a Yemeni national. He worked with ISIS and killed a security officer. In addition, two Saudi-based people have been found guilty of siding with ISIS. They had killed two security officers and had planned to target civilians and foreigners in the capital.

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