OMG! Body of actress found in very ominous condition

The body of Bangladeshi actress Raima Islam Shimu was found inside a sack on Monday. Her body was found near a bridge at Keraniganj in Dhaka. Preliminary tests by the local police revealed that some locals spotted the body near Alipur bridge in the Kadamtoli area on Monday morning and then informed the police. Police said a lot of injury marks were also found on the actress's body, and they suspected that Shimu had been killed by the criminals on Sunday and the body had since been dumped near the bridge. But the accused has been found to be none other than the actress's husband.

According to media reports, police have registered an unnatural death case, but the actress' husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel and her driver were already taken into custody by the police for questioning in connection with the murder of the actress. However, Shimu's husband filed a general log at Kalabagan police station on Sunday claiming that his wife had been missing for several days. But when the truth came out, the police were also conscious. Shakhawat has confessed his involvement in the murder case and has now been remanded for three days.

Earlier, a Dhaka police statement revealed that Shimu's murder may have caused a family feud and her husband confessed to the murder when he was being questioned by the local police. Earlier, Keraniganj police had said that Shimu's husband Nobel and one of his friends Abdullah Farhad had been detained for further questioning. Meanwhile, several reports in the Bangladeshi media suggest that an influential actor is about to be involved in the case, but police have not confirmed anything so far.

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