India: These symptoms appear in the first patient of Omicron

The new omicron variant of the Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. This is why many countries are witnessing a period of restrictions. India is also on the list where two cases have been reported and have created a stir. Both these cases have been found in Karnataka, however, the Health Ministry has appealed to the people not to panic and advised them to take full care of safety. Amidst all this, it has now emerged what symptoms have been observed in the first patient of omicron? this has been revealed recently.

As part of the information received, the 46-year-old doctor, the first patient of Omicron, underwent a test after showing symptoms such as excessive fatigue, weakness and fever, which turned positive. According to some reports, his cycle threshold value (CT value) was low after which his sample was sent to the lab. 5 people who came in contact with them have also tested positive. On the other hand, South African scientists also say that the symptoms of the variant are not very serious, although light symptoms prevent most people from detecting it and are likely to spread easily. Because of this, if you notice any of these symptoms, do get yourself tested.

On the other hand, the Karnataka Health Minister says, "It is not yet known how omicron spreads. However, there is nothing to worry about as all six cases have been identified and no major problem has been found. As we saw a serious problem like breathing in delta variants, omicron has not seen any such symptom at present. The symptoms are very mild. '

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