Why Omicron spreading rapidly among the people? 3 reasons given by WHO
Why Omicron spreading rapidly among the people? 3 reasons given by WHO

The new omicron variant of coronavirus has created panic around the world. Cases of this infection are rapidly increasing all over the world. New cases are coming up every day in big cities like the capital, Delhi, Mumbai. According to reports, omicron is said to be a much lighter variant than delta, although the pace of its spread is surprising to scientists. Amidst all this, Maria Van Kerkhove, technical head of the WHO, on Friday cited three reasons for the rapid spread of omicrons. In fact, Kerkhove recently said, "People need to think about reducing the risk to the virus and controlling its transmission.''

Record corona cases have been registered last week, which is 71 per cent higher than last week. Kerkhove further said, "The new Omicron variant is spreading so fast among people for many reasons. The first reason, she explained, is that mutations of new variants help the virus connect easily with human cells. Another reason is that the new variant has the ability to escape the immune system. As a result, the risk of reinfection has increased among people.

This means that it is difficult to avoid it for people who have previously contracted infections or even vaccinated people. Explaining the third reason, Kerkhove said, "In Omicron, we see viruses being replied to in the upper respiratory tract, which is a completely different thing from delta or any previous variant. All the previous strains of the corona were repeated in the lower respiratory tract in the lungs, reducing its advancing speed slightly. Apart from all these reasons, the virus is also spreading rapidly due to excessive people's interaction, he says.

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