'Omicron spreading rapidly, assembly elections to be postponed...', Congress leader reaches high court

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Jagdish Sharma has filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court seeking postponement of the proposed assembly elections in five states citing the third wave of coronavirus. Jagdish Sharma, who formed the Rahul-Priyanka Sena, has sought directions from the court to postpone the elections. He has said that the new Omicron variant of Corona is spreading rapidly in the country.

He has also sought issuance of a direction asking the Central and state governments to come up with a plan for delivery of essential supplies and services during the third wave of the pandemic. He asked the high court to direct governments to submit plans for availability and distribution of oxygen and to direct the Election Commission to postpone elections in all the five states for a few weeks or months. Sharma said in his petition, "The court should direct the Election Commission to postpone the elections in all the five states for a few months or weeks. '

"The court should also direct the central government to make it mandatory for people returning from states where elections are due for 14 days or less. Sharma also sought a direction from the high court to the central government to submit a plan for the arrangements to handle the upcoming corona wave.

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