Most dangerous symptom of Omicron shown in children, identify like this

At present, the cases of omicron are also increasing rapidly across the country. In the midst of these cases, the concern of parents has increased considerably. Let me tell you that there is still a long time before the vaccine comes in for children under the age of 15, and parents are worried about how to protect young children from these new corona variants. On the other hand, despite good immunity, cases of children getting infected with corona are also on the rise. Health experts are advising children to protect themselves from the virus. So far no serious symptoms of omicron have been observed in children but the number of children admitted to US hospitals is increasing rapidly. In fact, recently children have been diagnosed with different symptoms of omicrons.

Experts say the symptoms of omicron in children may be different from that of adults. On the other hand, a study by Discovery Health in South Africa has revealed that the most common symptoms of omicron are nasal congestion, sore throat or pricking, dry cough and lower back pain. In a video, Dr Amina Ahmed of Levin Children's Hospital in the US said, "Adults are seeing a lot more sore throat and phlegm than children. It is being heard that most of the cases are light but still, these people are falling ill.''

"It's not surprising that most children are getting COVID-19," says Dr Sam Domingoz, a pediatric doctor in the US. Omicron is spreading faster than delta. That is why most children have started getting in touch with it and falling ill. Experts also say that Omicron is behaving differently in some children. Some children infected with it are showing whooping cough. It is also known as barking phlegm as it has a house or barking sound while breathing. The doctor says this is due to the spread of infection to the upper part of the respiratory system.

At the same time, Dr Amina said, "Children are seeing more coughs croup. It causes swelling not in the lungs but in the upper airways.'' According to doctors, children's airways are smaller than adults, so they are also less inflamed. She further said, "Many of the common symptoms of covid are not common in omicron. We had seen symptoms like aroma and lack of taste in delta and alpha but omicrons are not showing these symptoms. According to studies, the number of people who are serious and hospitalized from Omicron is also lower than other variants. Some children are also facing the problem of the multisystem inflammatory syndrome. It is also known as MIS-C. It can cause inflammation in different parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin or eyes.

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