'Omicron' entry in India, cases reported in the state

New Delhi: Corona's new variant Omicron has entered India. On Thursday, Health Ministry Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said that 373 cases of omicrons have been registered in 29 countries so far while 2 cases of new corona variant omicrons have been reported in India. There are two states in the country that have more than 10,000 active cases. He is from Kerala and Maharashtra. There are 44,000 active cases in Kerala and 11,000 in Maharashtra. 55% of corona cases are coming from these two states in the country.

On the other hand, the serum Institute of India (SII), a coronavirus vaccine maker, has urged the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) to allow booster doses of the Covishield vaccine. According to a report received, the company says that there are enough doses of vaccines in the country. At the same time, officials have also said that the demand has been made in view of the crisis of the new variant of coronavirus, the Omicron Variant. Serum Institute is the first company in India to seek approval for a booster dose of the corona.

So far, all the people of India have been given two doses of the corona infection vaccine and now the third dose that may be taken will be called the booster dose. On the other hand, the Central Government has reported in Parliament that the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization and the National Expert Group on Corona Vaccine Management are considering scientific evidence to ascertain the need for booster dose (Covishield Vaccine Booster Dose).

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